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Special Needs

Chiropractic care can be a great benefit to children and adults who have been identified as having special needs.  Chiropractic care for those with special needs can help promote better range of motion and blood flow, bringing healing to muscles, soft tissues, nervous system and digestive system.  Many of those with special needs who receive chiropractic treatment notice reductions in muscle pain and tension, improved sleep, reduced inflammation, a greater sense of well being and even a boost in social engagement and positive mood.  Because chiropractic treatment corrects and aligns the spine which is the center of the nervous system, the effects of adjustments can be felt throughout the entire body system.

Dr. Amanda works one on one with those with special needs to find the source of any pain or discomfort and provide rapid, effective relief. Dr. Amanda provides gentle diagnosis and special adjustments that work to optimize the body’s function naturally and without medication.  In addition to providing exceptional chiropractic care to her patients, Dr. Amanda is also a mommy to a non-verbal special needs daughter.  She truly understands and cares for the special needs community and wants to help provide both physical and emotional support to her patients and their families.

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