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Starting from the Bottom Up

In order for your body to build its strength and function daily, it requires maintenance and care that need to be built upon. Chiropractic work is here to start you from the bottom, up! If you tried to learn a skill starting at the master level, many are bound to fail. However, starting with the basics and slowly working up to and building on your prior knowledge can mean a long process, but a sturdy and long-lasting result! This thinking can relate back to your body– in order to repair and care for your body, certain steps must be taken. The three basic phases are:

Phase 1 – Relief Care
The first step we take at our practice is to relieve any pain you’re currently feeling so that you can immediately start feeling better. This process generally means visiting two to three times a week for between four and twelve weeks, in accordance with your individual needs and pain levels.

Phase 2 – Restorative Care
This step focuses on allowing your body to fully restore and refresh itself, giving the muscles and other tissue time to fully heal. This step helps the body to recover from injury, but also to prevent further pain or incident. Generally, this step calls for visits four to eight times a month for between six and twenty-four months, depending on your body and how much your body needs to repair.

Phase 3 – Wellness Care
The final step of the process comes after your body has healed and your pain is gone, to occasionally adjust your body to avoid incident or injury. These visits often occur between one and four times a month depending on your body and your lifestyle.

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